Osloh Bicycle Jeans


The Perfect Bike Jean. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Osloh was created to provide the casual everyday cyclist with clothing that works just as well on the road, and in motion, as it does at your destination. Osloh is stylish and timeless apparel that performs.



The minds behind Tex-Lock are bike fans with body & soul, and product developers with passion & devotion. Tex-Lock is based and manufactured in Leipzig, Germany with the highest of standards and expertise.

MFX Logo


Take a look across a trail and you’ll find MXF riders kicking up dust and taking names. MXF helps riders reach their goals by offering quality products that were created in Vancouver, BC by riders who wanted high-performing goggles at an affordable price. 

Walz Caps


Since its founding in Southern California in 2005, Walz Caps has earned global popularity and a reputation for quality and function because they are handmade in the USA with care with the individual cyclist in mind. 

Flectr Cycle Reflectors


Windsor Cycles was created to offer you the best in curated high quality, smart design cycle accessories. We scour the globe looking for the best products that may be difficult to find or unavailable for sale where you live.

Flectr Cycle Reflectors


The award-winning German designer of cycling products launched in 2015 with bike reflectors with both style and high-grade reflection. Flectr have been consistently recognized across Europe for innovation, design & safety. 

Princeton Tec Swerve


"Light makes anything possible. It’s a symbol of hope and innovation. It’s also a daily necessity for everyone from cyclists to fire fighters".

For over 40 years, Princeton Tec has pushed the limits of possibility with reliable, durable lights that shine bright in every situation.