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The Beam Wheel Flash 2.0

Barbie Pink

Powered by motion energy, THE BEAM WHEEL FLASH 2.0 high-vis bike reflectors enhance your bike’s visibility. Whether a car comes from the front or the side, these reflectors make you visible from all 360 degrees. Furthermore, cars can see them from about 500 feet, or 150 meters, away! With an iconic design, they have an innovative look that combines flawless modern lighting patterns. Boasting gorgeous aesthetics, these high-vis bike reflectors are made of a glass powder pigment, ensuring full visibility. Moreover, the WHEEL FLASH 2.0 is completely water and weatherproof, and they are as light as air. Comes with 12 pieces per set and available in four colors, these reflectors use 3M adhesive to stick securely to your wheel. What’s more, they work with all bike and rim types, whether you use carbon, steel, or aluminum—and you can have any type of brakes, too.

The WHEEL FLASH 2.0 is retro-reflective, which means they don't need electricity or batteries to run. The glass powder pigment catches any stray light and reflects it back with much higher intensity, instantly making you visible to drivers at night. The WHEEL FLASH 2.0 is designed to work universally, sticking on any bike wheel or even the frame of your bike. Manufactured with a 3M adhesive lining, the stickers stay on for years, even through inclement weather like rain or snow. Weighing as little as a sheet of paper, the WHEEL FLASH 2.0 stickers come pre-cut and ready to use. They provide instant visibility without affecting the bicycle’s aerodynamics, performance, or its look, and most importantly, they keep you safe forever, all without consuming any power.

  • 12 pieces per set
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible all rims, carbon, aluminum, or steel
  • Compatible with Rims or Disk breaks
  • Compatible with all bikes

Conceptualized in France and manufactured in South Korea.

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