Why not join our ride? Osloh Affiliate Program

Why not join our ride? Osloh Affiliate Program

We have set up a simple affiliate scheme that could work for you, and us.  The great news is that there are no upfront costs and you don’t have to stock product.

How it works

We provide you with some great custom marketing materials to let your customers know we are mutual admirers of each other’s brand.  You can use any or all of these materials:

  • Web banners
  • Printed cards for your shop
  • Instagram, Facebook and Twitter post graphics

We will send new banners from time to time and you can let us know if you run out of cards or, need more for a special event.

On the money

Our website is set up to track clicks and purchases from your website or blog.  That way we can track your customers, and make sure that you get your commission for their purchase.  You will have your own unique code on your printed cards for those that take one away from your shop or café, to ensure we don’t miss a trick.  Here is the great news, Osloh is the gift that keeps on giving. If your customer comes back for more, we pay again! (and by the way we have great product reviews and we are pretty proud of our returning customer rates).

Current commissions

First time sale 15%

Returning sales 10%


From time to time we will include you in special offers for your customers, so they benefit from special deals.