Tex-Lock Mate


Similar to the tex-lock eyelet, the tex-lock mate is also a textile-based rope. The tex-lock mate, however, has a pin at the second end of the rope which fits into standard frame locks.

With a length of 120cm it is versatile and a real alternative to rattling, unwieldy steel chains.

You wrap the rope around a solid object, guide the pin through the eyelet and fix it in the frame lock. Your bike is thus secured by two locks at the same time.

Length: 47 inches

Weight: 1.04 kg

The minds behind Tex-Lock are bike fans with body & soul, and product developers with passion & devotion. Equipped with textile know-how and dissatisfied with existing bicycle lock solutions, founders Alexandra Baum and Suse Brand developed the idea for Tex—Lock. Since the two women from Leipzig, Germany, travel a lot by bicycle, they experienced the frustration of having to ride around with a clattering, unwieldy metal bicycle lock. The bright idea was to make a bicycle lock out of textile. Tex-Lock is based and manufactured in Leipzig, Germany with the highest of German standards and expertise.

All products of the eyelet series are certified according to ART*2 anti-theft criteria.