Trigger Bell

Trigger Bell: Always within easy reach.

The best and safest bike bell for all bikes

Ping Trigger Bell without compromising your own safety as there is no need to loosen your grip or to choose between braking and pinging.

The bike bell fits on the rubber grip of all bikes and scooters so now’s the time to make yourself and other road users safer.

Trigger Bell’s trigger is always within easy reach of your thumb making it very quick to ping.

1. A beautiful brass bell: High quality brass is used for a warmer, longer and clearer tone than cheaper aluminum bells.

2. Easy to fit: Adjustable strap fits handlebars from 22mm to 45mm in diameter. Quick and easy to fit with a flat head screwdriver.

3. Tough and compact: Weighs only 27 grams and measures 4.6 x 3.2 x 2.5 cm in size. Made of a polymer that is used in making machine parts.

4. Industrial strength spring: The bike bell trigger has been tested to over 50,000 pings without failure.

Made in the United Kingdom.

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