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Australian Financial Review

Osloh, the jeans maker successfully wooing cyclists sick of Lycra

Not just a commuter jean: it's just as good for mountain biking and a lot of other genres

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Believe me, these cycling jeans really make a difference.

Osloh’s brilliant bicycle jeans will help you avoid the MAMIL look.


good looking, comfortable and filled with rider-friendly attributes to get you through days that include cycling – and other activities

The Opposite Of Athleisure

We are Cycling

As someone who finds buying jeans a bit of a headache due to my taller than average height...I was surprised and delighted to find that the Porteur's ...fitted me perfectly, in fact better than a lot of my other jeans.

Review: Women's Osloh Bicycle Jeans

Cowgirl Bike Courier

Far more durable and water resistant than their Levi’s counterpart, these jeans are meant to last...BUT ARE THEY COMFORTABLE? All day, everyday. Durable enough to easily handle messenger work in Wisconsin weather, comfortable enough for the constantly shifting California climate, these jeans are up for any challenge you throw at them. Plus, they made our rears look great. In short, we love these jeans. Three weeks and hundreds of miles later, our jeans are still running strong, with no threat of burnout... like a hand built steel frame, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

Hitting the Road with Osloh Jeans 
Ella Cycling

Ella Cycling

for me the real draw to these pants are the built-in chamois and the sturdy fabric. The fabric is thin and stretchy enough that I don’t feel as restricted in my moments as I would with jeans and they breathe well. And with the built-in chamois, I know my saddle won’t wear out the inner thighs. I wasn’t afraid of getting these pants dirty or wet either

Commuter jeans reviewed: Levi’s vs. Osloh

Total Women's Cycling

functionality, style, quality and durability in a cut that will fit and flatter a woman comfortably

New Women’s Cycling Jeans With In-Built Chamois Now Available

Cycle Trade

The company has taken the design of one of its established men’s jeans, the Traffic, and then tailored it accordingly.

Osloh expands cycling jeans collection 


The new Osloh Porteur is a ride-ready jean with built-in padding and bicycle-specific reinforcements

These Women's Jeans Have a Built-In Chamois 

Cycle Magazine

my Lane Jeans arrived, packaged beautifully...They’ve hardly been off me since! After four months of heavy usage, they still look good as new

Gear Up

Men's Journal

more cycling-friendly features than any other pair we've tested

Best Men's Commuter Jeans for Riding Your Bike To Work

Momentum Mag

features the attention to detail of a passionate designer

Take a Ride with Osloh Bicycle Jeans

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